busy woman 2

A lot of people expressed the sentiment that 2016 was a tough year. 2016 was a pretty awesome year for me. 2017… was an entirely different kettle of fish. This year was hard. My gosh.

Being pregnant, trying to be responsible about it, trying to work out what baby essentials are, keeping up with the brutal demands of my job, trying to prove my worthiness of a promotion that I was lucky enough to be awarded in the early half of the year, fighting for a change of company policy to accomodate women more at the office (it was a dog fight), keeping up with my travel schedule, trying to squeeze in time to purchase said baby essentials, exams, night classes and weekend classes after being awarded a scholarship after making it into an exclusive masters programme (because mama taught me never to waste generous folks’ money). Painful personal growth from tough life lessons. Then to top it all off, I was derailed for a month and some change when I fell down the stairs between month 6 and 7. The physical pain and fear of that period was surreal. That’s the highlights reel 🙂

We will have to grab a cup of tea and talk about all these things post by post. For now, I am pleased to report that its less than a month to mummyhood, work winds down for the holidays in a week and a half, I nailed all my exams, I am painfree and I can finally return to my true love…blogging.



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