At 8 weeks….

Weight: 59.5kg (but we flactuated all the way to 61.5kg in the past 4 weeks before the appetite issues kicked in and restored order. A 5km run or 2 also helped).

Baby size: A kidney bean (According to

Symptoms: Fatigue, exhaustion, forgetfulness, impatience, poor appetite, bloating. Guess what though… morning sickness! God is good!

Physical changes: Tender boobs and severe bloating (trust me, it’s physical. It actually gives me cramps and is acutely uncomfortable).

General feeling: I am tired. I’m also tired of being told I look tired.

Appetite: I’m eating poorly mostly because I don’t want anything. The smell of food cooking is mildly off-putting, I don’t fancy eating it either (I prefer avo on bread and cold foods), My love for slap chips has returned in all its glory though. Did i mention bloating?

Mandatory awkward pictures:

A friend took this pic of my sister in law and I’s tummies at her baby shower. They were making fun of the size of my sister in law’s tummy (It’s not that big though). No-one knows I’m 2 months pregnant and truth be told, I’m dying to tell them. It’s just better to listen to the wisdom of age and wait until the fragile period passes.



Now onto month 3!

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