whats in a name

From the day the 2nd line appeared on the very first pee-stick, I have been working on reconciling myself with the fact that a whole other being is establishing itself in my body…a separate entity.

shocked face

Soon enough, I found myself talking to the entity in my head and writing about it which raised a interesting new question. What was I to call it? In pursuit of the answer, I have called the baby everything from “it” to “nunu.” Today is the first day I have called it a baby actually. How strange am I?

Mostly I really just didn’t know what to call the baby and most of the ‘pet names’ that popped into my head, while often cute, just didn’t feel quite right. I temporarily settled on ‘nunu’ while I waited for my ridiculously forgetful  brain to do better.

It didn’t.

Instead, I got an email from http://www.babycentre.com telling me that the baby is the size of a blueberry this week and my uterus has doubled in size.

Blueberry, I thought. How random.

My cute little blueberry. That tickled a very warm part of my heart.


Just like that little entity who has taken residence in my body for the next 32 weeks or so, henceforth, I dub thee Blueberry (even when you grow to the size of a grape and more).

Got something to say... I'm all ears ;-)

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