Dr Who

“To pee or not to pee. That is never the question. Pee!”

Dr Who. See what I did there? #chuckles

We went to our very first pre-natal doctor’s visit today. Aside from the fact that I lied about why I had to leave the office, I did ask politely if I could leave. So getting a couple of calls from the office as I parked at the hospital only 40 minutes later asking me to please come back urgently irritated me to no end. I only picked up one call and I responded quite firmly “No, I will not” and hung up. In fairness to everyone, most things irritate me easily at this stage.

I walked into the hospital feeling all kinds of extra about it and my human suffered through a very extra rant while he held my hand in the waiting room (he’s the bestest). But it all completely paled in comparison to the special moments that made up this visit like the look on my darling husband’s face when I handed the doctor a little jar of my urine.

And then the look on his face when the doctor put a condom and lube on his magic wand so he could check out my uterus….and then inserted it into my vagina.

giphy (1)

And most priceless, seeing our nunu for the first time. Actually seeing nunu with our own eyes. Its one thing to know that I am pregnant. Its quite another to actually see nunu in all her/his bean-sized glory on that little screen.

That too quickly paled in comparison to the sight of the little heart beating at a frantic pace. There is a heart beating inside me. Me. What wonder is this?

giphy (2)

Eeeeeeeek! How on earth am I meant to keep this to myself.

There are no words for it for what I am feeling

new symptoms – forgetfulness and serious impatience. 

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