As soon as I found out for sure that there was a little nunu in my belly, I really couldn’t wait to tell the hubby. The only problem is that we were in the middle of an epic cold war. Of course, I was ready to call a temporary truce because something bigger was cooking but that had to be balanced with my love of a sprinkling of drama.

Usually a “formal” request for a meeting issued by either of us during a cold war is a power-play. If you put 2 strong individuals in a marriage you get arguments that are played like a chess game strategy and world issue level power-plays. We can’t help it.

So after 2 days of complete silence and on the day I confirmed for myself, with minimal words, I requested a meeting at Mon Petit Throbb in Fourways at 7pm. My meeting request was accepted. With an equal measure of minimalism, my request was accepted.

Gosh. so funny in hindsight

After a quick sniff around pinterest, I found an idea I liked and dashed off to my go-to arts and crafts shops: The Bargain Bin and PnA. I found a couple of 6 x 8 canvasses (a couple because trial and error right?), some red glitter glue (this was an epic fail), a suitably masculine gift box, and some random pretty paper (that I eventually couldn’t use).

The meeting was in fourways which is significantly closer to his office than to  home to ensure he couldn’t come home and interrupt my craft exercise before the meeting.  first couple of canvasses were an epic fail…seriously, how is glitter glue for kids. mxm.

I ditched the fancy ideas and defaulted to what I know I can do: drawing and writing. Before I knew it, my perfectly imperfect canvas was ready. Into the box it went along with the digital pregnancy test I had used.

Off I went to the meeting.

I arrived first and sat in corner. My human arrived spoiling for a fight. He thought I was going to throw in the towel and was intent on being as difficult as possible #chuckles. It was freezing cold and he didn’t even wear a coat into the restaurant…a very clear “I don’t intend to stay” statement. As soon as he sat he said, “why am I here?” He sounded irate and angry. I was amused.

I sipped my tea and responded with a smile, “I sometimes forget that we can generate a 100w of awkward with very little effort.” To be honest, his attitude made me want to be a tad difficult as well, In the mood he was in, the best way to do that is to be vague.

me: would you like to order some food?
him: why am I here?
me: to talk.
him: about what?
me: something important. But right now I’m hungry.
him: looking even more irritated, hurriedly looks through the menu and orders.
me: (watching with very real amusement because I know I am pushing all his buttons. Also thinking I should quit while I’m ahead.)
As soon as the waiter walked away…
him: why am I here?
me: there’s something I need to tell you.
him: (looking like he is ready for a throw down fight). What do you want Chio?
me: (deep dramatic sigh followed by an equally dramatic pause). I had hoped we could do this a little later but clearly it will not wait so (slowly reaches into bag and pulls out gift box and places it on the table..yes, yes, yes I know. My middle name is drama) this is for you
him: (looking at it like its poisonous) what is this?
me: a box. open it.
him: (With an extremely irritated sigh he opens it with the reluctance of a 3 year old told to eat vegetables)


He stared at the canvas for what felt like eternity. This time the tables turned. I felt the nerves stretching in my body. Then he reached into the box and lifted the canvas. underneath was the test.


I think the emotions he felt in that moment were just a little too extreme. He tried to speak but he couldn’t. I thought his eyes started to well up. He just pushed his chair back and walked away to compose himself. I know he was having a very intense moment because he walked right into that back part of the restaurant that clients shouldn’t go in to. (I suspect he went to wipe his eyes).

He walked back 15 seconds later and rechecked the box and the test then he put it down and looked at me. He took my hand, helped me up and hugged me long and hard for the longest time. For that long moment, it felt like perfection and magic joined us in a hug that stilled the world. We had made a life…

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